Wyze offers a safe and secure application for your IP cameras. This application is perfect for people or employers who wish for the security and authority of their families and over the employees. Get notified about the smallest changes and keep track of all that happens in a day. Wyze app was developed by Wyze Labs, inc. Get an overview of its extremely easy-to-use interface down below. Also, the application is available on all devices. But if you wish to download it for your PC, keep reading.

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Wyze offers high-quality features to its users free of any sort of in-app purchases.

  • The application is free, all you have to purchase are the cameras. Add their ID and Password and the application is ready to be used.
  • The application can record videos on a microSD card of about 32GB without any fee. It records high-quality HD Videos and images.
  • Users can view the footage from the camera on their phones anywhere and at anytime.
  • They can listen and talk through the built-in speakers and microphone.
  • Get trigger notifications about any sort of suspicious motion and sound that the camera detects.
  • Schedule alarms that will open automatically on the saved time or once you leave the house.
  • The application continuously records videos. These videos are saved in the Cloud for 14 days only.
  • Use the night vision mode to see and record in the dark.
  • Users can control the cameras at any time.
  • Form shortcut bars to get access at one tap.
  • You can also buy products like cameras or Sd cards from the Wyze Shop.
  • Users can also discover filmed videos by other people on the discover page.


Overall the application is highly reliable and functional. It can be accessed at any place and at any time. You can also share devices with other people.

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Wyze for pc

How to Download Wyze for PC

Although you can use Wyze on your mobile phones, if you want to download it for your PC, you can follow the instructions below.

Downloading an Android Emulator

To download any application on your PC using google play store, you will first have to find a third party. This will help in the installation process. An Android Emulator is a suitable third party. We suggest you download BlueStacks Android Emulator. To download it, either follow the link or directly download it from its official website.

Link: Download BlueStacks here

Website: BlueStacks Official Website

Once you open one of the pages, you will see the download bar at the bottom of the page. Click on it and the emulator will start downloading.

Installing the BlueStacks

Now that the raw file is downloaded, you can run it and the installation process will begin itself. If it does not start installing itself, an instruction page will pop up. At the bottom of the page will be the install bar. Click on it and the BlueStacks will start installing.

Error During Installation

If an error interrupts the installation process. Make sure you have enough storage and disable the antivirus software if you use any.


Once BlueStacks is installed, it is ready to be used on your PC. Open the installed emulator. It may also open by itself. After opening it will navigate you to google play store, there you will be required to add your Gmail address to sign in. You can also watch the start-up tutorials for understanding BlueStacks better.

Installing Wyze Application for PC

Now to install the Wyze application, you can use two methods. Either through APK file or directly from the BlueStacks.

  1. Through APK: This method is only required when the application is no more available on the google play store. BlueStacks is also required in this method. Download the Wyze APK file from the google. To locate this file on BlueStacks, tap on the top left bar and click on the APK file. The app will start downloading itself.
  2. Directly through BlueStacks: If the application is available on the play store, you can directly download it from the emulator. Type Wyze on the search bar. The emulator will lead you to the google play store. Click on the application and install it.

Locating Wyze on PC

Now that the Wyze app is downloaded on PC, you can locate it on the main page of the BlueStacks. You can also find the application on the desktop main screen.


Q. Is Wyze app free?

A. Yes, Wyze is free of any in-app purchases.

Q. What is the Wyze app?

A. Wyze is a security camera/IP camera application.

Q. How to use the Wyze application?

A. 1. Open the application.

2. sign up with your Gmail account.

3. Follow the instructions given by the app.

Q. Can I view Wyze’s camera online?

A. Yes, you can view the Wyze cam online from anywhere and at any time.