Can’t think of a good trick to prank your friends? Why not hack into the password of their WI-Fi! WiFi Hacker for PC makes it look like you just broke into a networks password professionally. You can use it to pretend as you broke into your friend’s network and prank them, super fun! The application does all the work you, you only have to pretend, easy. You can get this application for both Android and iOS devices. Moreover, you can also download WiFi Hacker for PC, Mac, and Windows using our easy download guide given at the end of this article. But first, let’s find out how the app is used.

How to Use WiFi Hacker for PC

It’s super easy to use WiFi Hacker on your device. All you have to do is pretend and the app automatically makes it look like you just broke into a network’s password. Select the network you want to hack into and the app will instantly show a fake password. After pretend and prank your friends, that’s all! The application is totally safe and just for fun. Finally, let’s proceed to the download guide.

How to Download WiFi Hacker for PC, Mac & Windows 

You can download WiFi Hacker for PC easily. However, you can not download this app directly from the google play store. For this, you will require a third party or a platform that will help you access the play store on your PC. An Android Emulator is the perfect software for installing applications directly from the google play store on your PC. 

Here we will be using BlueStacks Android Emulator. Look below for the download guide.

1. A Powerful Android Emulator

Fist of all, BlueStacks Android emulator is a software which helps you use the google play store on your PC. Other than that, you can use APK files to download applications through BlueStacks, as well. Usually, emulators are used by gamers for smooth and stable gaming. Now, there are many emulators available in the store but not all of them are as stable and powerful as BlueStacks Android Emulator

2. Downloading BlueStacks

BlueStacks, as said above, is highly stable and quite reliable due to its smooth functioning. It also comes with a lot of features, especially for gamers. Furthermore, it has a very simple interface and an uncomplicated installation process.

You can download BlueStacks raw file by clicking on this link. If you want, you can even visit the BlueStacks official website to get more information about the emulator. Once the raw file is downloaded, click on run to generate the BlueStacks installer

3. Installing BlueStacks 

The BlueStaacks installer will appear on your screen. Click Install Now to start the installation. This process takes a few minutes to seconds, depending on the performance of your PC OS. Meanwhile, the installer downloads and extracts important files necessary for the functioning of BlueStacks on your PC. So be patient and do not shut down your PC.

4. Configuration 

At last, the emulator is installed and almost ready to be used on your PC.

All you have to do now is set up the emulator. The google play store sign-in page will appear on your screen. Use your Gmail account or number to configure the emulator. This way you have successfully gained access to the play store on your PC.

Finally, the emulator is configured and we can proceed to the installation guide of WiFi Hacker.

Installing WiFi Hacker for PC, Mac, and Windows

Now that the BlueStacks is downloaded on your PC, you can follow the guide given below to install the application.

Open BlueStacks by double-clicking on the emulator’s icon. Type and search for WiFi Hacker on the search bar. The google play store page for your application will appear on your screen. Choose and install WiFi Hacker for PC. Launch the installed application by double-clicking on the app icon.

Installing WiFi Hacker using the APK method

This method is required when an application is not found on the google play store. You can also use it otherwise.

Search for WiFi Hacker APK on google. Download the APK file from an appropriate website. Now, locate the WiFi Hacker APK on BlueStacks. Click on the APK file and the application will install automatically.