VidMix is a very popular and extremely functional video editing application. In this generation, young people tend to express themselves through video making and editing. They create, share and show off their unique talents through their videos. And thus, VidMIx becomes the top-grossing application in 84 countries. This application was offered by Photo Editor’s Lab. It is available for all Android devices. You can also get this application for your PC. Continue reading to find out how.


Vidmix is a leading video audio mixer that serves an easy-to-use interface. The application is highly modified for editing and trimming videos. You can also add or omit audio/music from the videos. We suggest you download this application if you love enhancing the moments captured and sharing them with your loved ones. The app is reliable and works perfectly. It also provides amazing features that make using the app fun and easy. VidMix is also free of any in-app purchases.

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VidMix offers a variety of features.

  • You can upgrade your videos by adding, trimming, reversing, e.t.c using the modified tools in the application.
  • Users can add music from their library by trimming the audio and fitting it in your video.
  • Trim your videos and add clips to make a storytelling film of displaying your beautiful moments.
  • You can also cut the background audio so it does not mingle with the music you add.
  • Users can access their creations on My Creation page.
  • You can also share your moments and creations on any social media application without restrictions.
  • You can also exit the application while the video saves without having to worry about getting it deleted. The videos save themself and you get notified when it’s done.

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VidMix for PC

How to Download VidMix for PC

Even though VidMix is available on all devices but using it on a bigger screen is much more enjoyable. If you want to download VidMix for PC, follow the step by step guide. You will have to download a third party that will help you download any application through the google play store. The third party we recommend is BlueStacks.

Step 1: Download and Install BlueStacks on PC

BlueStacks is an Android Emulator that leads the process of downloading an application from google play store on your PC. You can download this emulator using the link or from its Official Website. Once you open one of the links you will see a download bar. Click on the bar and the BlueStacks raw file will start downloading. After that, a .exe file will appear at the bottom of your screen. Click and run the file. Once it’s done, an instruction guide for the installation for BlueStacks will appear. Click the install bar and it will start installing immediately. The file is a bit heavy, so it may take some time to install. Sign in with your Gmail account on google play store to complete the configuration of BlueStacks.


To prevent an error from interrupting the installation process, make sure you free some space on your PC. If an error still occurs, disable the antivirus software if you use any.

Step 2: Download VidMix for PC

Now that the BlueStacks is downloaded, you can install your application. Search VidMix on the search bar and it will navigate you to the google play store. There, a list of applications will appear, choose your application and install it.

Locate the Application

Once the application is installed, you can locate it on the BlueStacks main page. You can also use it directly from the desktop main page.