Do you have an old smartphone lying around in your house? Do you want a second screen but you don’t have another PC? Then Twomon USB for PC is the best application for you. With this application, you can connect two devices with the same screen. This application is highly reliable for gamers. Any device you connect with the application and PC, turn the smart device into a monitor. The application works wonders, however, you will have to purchase the app before installing it. Twomon USB is worth downloading and we are sure you won’t regret it!

You can also download Twomon USB for PC, Mac and Windows. This way you can make use of two PCs for a bigger and wider screen. Especially for gamers who play in groups. The download guides given in this blog post will help you with the installation of Twomon USB.

How to Connect Twomon USB for PC?   

It is very easy to connect devices with Twomon USB application. First, install the application and configure it. Once you are signed in, connect your USB wire with the smart device. Run the application on both devices and click on connect. The same screen will automatically appear on both devices. Now you can enjoy gaming, editing or browsing on two screens at a time.

How to Download Twomon USB for PC, Mac and Windows 

Twomon USB can be downloaded using a third party software i.e an Android Emulator. The emulator will help us gain direct access to the google play store on our PC. The emulator is necessary because with it you can both access the play store as well as install applications using their APK files.

Emulators used in this article

We will recommend you two of the most popular emulators; BlueStacks and NoxPlayer. These are highly stable and reliable emulators. However, there are several other emulator’s available from which you can opt. The process for downloading is almost the same.

Now let’s proceed to the Twomon USB Installation guide. Follow the steps given below.

Download BlueStacks 

Download emulator raw file here. Open the downloaded file. A .exe file will appear. There, click on run. The BlueStacks installer will open up. There, click on install. The installer will start extracting and downloading important files. After that, BlueStacks will start-up on your PC. It will then navigate you to the google play store. Sign in with your Gmail account for Configuration of BlueStacks.



Installing Twomon USB for PC Using BlueStacks 

Launch installed BlueStacks emulator. Go to the search bar on the emulator’s home page. Search for The Twomon USB app. The google play store will open up on your PC. There, a list of apps will appear related to your search result. Choose Twomon USB from the list. Click on install. Locate the app and double-click to launch it.



Now if you’re using the best alternative for BlueStacks i.e NoxPlayer, follow the guide below.

Download NoxPlayer 

Download the Nox raw file here. Go to the downloaded file and open it. The NoxPlayer installer will appear on your screen. Click install. The installation will take a few minutes to seconds. After installation, NoxPlayer will fire up on your PC. A start button will appear. Click on the button to start up the emulator. The emulator will then lead you to the google play store sign up page. Sign in to configure NoxPlayer.



Installing Twomon USB Trough NoxPlayer 

Launch installed NoxPlayer emulator. Go to the search bar on the emulator’s main page. There, search for the Twomon USB app. The google play store will pop open on your PC. There, a list of application will appear related to your search result. Choose the Twomon USB app from the list. Click on install. Locate the app and double-click to launch it.