Gain access to restricted sites and keep your device secure and private with Touch VPN. Using blocked and restricted sites are impossible without a VPN, you are more likely to get caught and identified. Whereas, a VPN conceals your identity and allows you to surf through blocked sites anonymously. You can get access to sites censored or blocked by schools, offices or even the government. All the while, it protects your device from malicious websites, hackers and trackers. Download Touch VPN for PC to get access to restricted and blocked websites at school and work.

If you don’t find Touch VPN suitable for your use. You may want to check other VPN like Star VPN. It is similar to Touch VPN and is fast and highly functional. Download Star VPN by clicking on this link: Star VPN for PC – Download for Free

More About Touch VPN for PC

Touch VPN is highly secure and performs exceptionally well. The connection between the user’s device and the servers is fully encrypted and no one can have information about your activity but you. Through using Touch VPN, you can bypass geo-restrictions to unblock restricted sites from anywhere in the world. With just one tap, you can activate the Touch VPN and it will automatically change your geo-location to a place that does not have the site restricted or blocked.


  • Access blocked sites anonymously when the VPN changes your IP location.
  • Enjoy extra fast browsing with Touch VPN.
  • The VPN is totally free but it does offer in-app purchases for advanced features and Ads.
  • Touch VPN is a proxy server that provides bank-level security from hackers, trackers, and fraudulent websites.
  • Surf the web without getting identified and have your internet activity inaccessible.
  • Touch VPN also offers ultra-reliable servers in about 30+ countries worldwide.
  • Extremely simple and easy-to-use interface.


How to Download Touch VPN for PC

Touch VPN is an extremely essential application. Hence, download this VPN for your PC to use at work or school. It is very simple to download the Touch VPN for PC, only a few simple steps are to be followed.

Now, to download Touch VPN for PC you will have to download an Android Emulator first. The Emulator we recommend is BlueStacks Android Emulator. You can also download a different emulator like NoxPlayer Android Emulator.

How to Download BlueStacks on PC

BlueStacks is an essential tool for downloading Android applications on the PC. Without the emulator, you cannot access the google play store. Download BlueStacks through this linkOnce the link opens, you will see a ‘download now” bar, click it to download the emulator.

Install BlueStacks

Once the raw file of BlueStacks is downloaded, you can now install it on your PC. Click on the ‘install now’ bar that will appear on the installation guide that will pop on your screen, to install the emulator.

Prevent an Error

Errors usually occur due to short space or antivirus software. To avoid these errors, make sure you have enough space to download BlueStacks. Because the BlueStacks file is quite heavy. Make sure to disable the antivirus software and avoid errors from interrupting the installation process. Once the problem is fixed, the installation process will speed up.

Configuration of BlueStacks

Now set up the BlueStacks on your PC. After installation, the BlueStacks will open itself and direct you to the google play store. Over there, you will be required to sign in with your Gmail account. This way you have successfully gained access to the google play store on PC.

Download Touch VPN for PC

After the BlueStacks is installed, you can now download Speed VPN from the google play store.

If Touch VPN is available on the Google play store. Type the VPN name on the search bar on BlueStacks home page. The google play store tab will open up once you press search. Select Touch VPN from the list of similar applications. Click and install Touch VPN for PC.

In case the application is not found on the google play store. Use the APK method here. BlueStacks is also required here. Download the Touch VPN APK from google. Locate this APK file on BlueStacks. You will find it on the top left folder. Click it and the APK file will appear. Select the file and the application will start downloading itself.

Installed Speed VPN on PC

To find your installed applications. Look for the app icon. You will find the Touch VPN icon on the BlueStacks main page and desktop home screen. Tap and use the application.


Q. Is Touch VPN free of in-app purchases?

A. Yes, Touch VPN does not contain any in-app purchases. However, it does contain Ads.

Q. What is Touch VPN?

A. Touch VPN is a popular proxy client that allows its users to access blacklisted sites anonymously. It conceals users’ identities by changing their geolocation. All the while it also provides utmost security to its users from hackers and malware.

Q. How to download Touch VPN on PC?

A. To download Touch VPN for PC you will have to follow these steps given below. For more understanding, look for the download guide in our blog post.

  1. Download and install BlueStacks.
  2. Configure BlueStacks.
  3. Search for application on the BlueStacks.
  4. Download and install Touch VPN from the google play store.