Nowadays, people enjoy watching videos together. But our mobile and tablet screens are not big enough to be viewed by a lot of people. However, LocalCast for Chromecast is a highly advanced and modern application that allows you to watch videos on your smart TV. You can also use your applications on your TV and use your phone to control and function those applications. You can stream music, images, videos, e.t.c. instantly. The application has a very simple and uncomplicated interface. This app was developed by Stefan Pledl. It is available for all Android devices. It also contains in-app purchases on items to customize your application. You can also download LocalCast for Chromecast for PC by following our step-by-step guide.

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  • Enjoy your applications optimized for a bigger screen.
  • Use your phone as a remote controller and control every function from playback to volume.
  • Connect your phone with your TV using wifi and the LocalCast app.
  • The application is free but purchasing the premium package unlocks advanced features and removes ads.
  • Add subtitles to your videos.
  • Stream music by just playing with one tap.
  • A ‘Now Playing’ option allows you to function your apps.
  • You can rotate and zoom your pictures using the option available in the ‘Now Playing’ side panel.
  • Also on the side panel, you can use shortcuts to send images, videos, and music from the media library.

Miracast is an alternative to LocalCast. Download Miracast for PC here:  LINK


localcast for Chromecast for pc

How to Download LocalCast for Chromecast for PC

This application is highly efficient and functional. Thus, used by a lot of people. Especially during the holidays when the whole family or friends gather together. One must have software that allows them to play content on a bigger screen directly from the phone or PC. You can play games, videos, images, movies, and music using Localcast for Chromecast on your TV. But you want to play content from your PC or Laptop on the TV, you can simply download LocalCast for Chromecast for PC free though an Android Emulator.

Downloading an Android Emulator

An Android Emulator will help you install your favorite applications from the google play store on your PC. There are quite a number of emulators available in the store. However, we recommend you download BlueStacks Android Emulator because it has a very simple interface and is by far the best emulator in store.

Download BlueStacks from either its Official Website or the given link. Click on the ‘download’ bar that will appear once you open one of the links. And the emulator will start downloading.

Installing BlueStacks

After the raw file of BlueStacks is downloaded. A .exe file will appear on your screen. Click the run option. Now the emulator is ready for installation on PC. Click on the ‘install now’ bar and it will start installing instantly.

Error During Installation

If an error interrupts the installation process, check your storage and disable the antivirus software on your PC.


Now that the BlueStacks is installed, proceed to the configuration process. The google play store will appear on your screen. Sign in with your Gmail account to gain access to the store on your PC so that you can easily download applications.

Install LocalCast for Chromecast for PC

Install Localcast for Chromecast by typing the app name in the search bar of BlueStacks. It will lead you to the google play store, choose and download the application for your PC.

In case the application is not available on the google play store. You can download it through APKSearch for the LocalCast for Chromecast APK on google. Download the APK file and locate it on BlueStacks. You will find the APK file on the top left bar on BlueStacks home page. Click it and the application will start installing.

You can locate your application on the home page of BlueStacks or the desktop main screen.


Q. What is LocalCast for Chromecast?

A. LocalCast for Chromecast is a casting application. Through this application, you can cast your mobile screen on the T.V or any other wifi supported device, wirelessly.

Q. Can we download LocalCast for Chromecast for PC?

A. Yes, you can download LocalCast for Chromecast for PC and cast the PC screen on your T.V.

Q. How can we download LocalCast for Chromecast for PC? 

A. You can download this application through BlueStacks Android Emulator. This emulator will help you access google play store on PC. This way you can download any application including LocalCast for Chromecast on your PC.