iSmartViewPro was launched as an application for IP cameras. People usually use this camera for surveillance. This application is very useful for people who want to keep track of everything. They can access the footage online easily on their mobile phones. The application is offered by Shenzhen Smarteye Digital Electronics Co., Ltd. The application is available on iOS, Android, iPod, and IPad touch.

Features and Working

iSmartViewPro can only be connected through wifi or some other data network. They can use this application from anywhere, be it at home, at work, their office, e.t.c. Users can also set alarms in case of emergencies. Users will also be required to add in the camera’s ID that they might have purchased for this application. All they have to do is enter the camera’s ID and password, this way they can easily access the camera online. iSmartViewPro makes everyday inspection easier from anywhere and at any time. Users can also take screenshots from the video and capture images.

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iSmartViewPro for PC

How to Download iSmartViewPro for PC

iSmartViewPro is accessible on all Android devices but if you want this application on your PC especially for work purposes, follow the instructions below.

Downloading an Android Emulator

  • If you want to download any application on your PC, you will need the use of a third party.
  • An Android emulator is a perfect choice. And the emulator we recommend is BlueStacks. This emulator helps you download any application from the google play store on your PC.
  • To download the BlueStacks, either follow the link given below or go directly to the main website.
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Link: BlueStacks Download

Website: BlueStacks Official Website

  • Once you open one of the links, press on the download bar and BlueStacks will start downloading.

Installing and configuring the BlueStacks

  • Once the emulator’s raw file is downloaded, run the file. The installation process will begin itself.
  • You can also lookup the start-up tutorials for better understanding.
  • Now that the BlueStacks is downloaded, it will take you to google play store.
  • Sign in with your Gmail address.


  • If an error is interfering with the installation process, then it may be due to a lack of RAM or antivirus software.
  • Clear some space in your PC to continue the installation process.
  • Disable the antivirus software so it does not stop the process.

Downloading iSmartViewPro for PC

  • There are two methods of downloading an application through BlueStacks.
  1. Through APK
  2. Directly through BlueStacks

Downloading the application using APK

  • If the application is not available on the google play store, then use the APK method.
  • Download the iSmartViewPro APK file from google.
  • Choose the APK file on BlueStacks and it will start downloading automatically.

Downloading directly through BlueStacks

  • If the application is available on BlueStacks, then download it directly from the emulator.
  • Type iSmartViewPro on the search bar and it will lead you to the google play store.
  • From there you can download the application.

Locate the Application

  • Once the application is downloaded, locate the application.
  • You can find it on the desktop main screen.
  • You can also find it on the BlueStacks main page.