Firefox Focus for PC is a highly secure and fast speed browser offered to us by Mozilla Corporation. Originally it was launched as a tracker-blocking application for iOS. But later it was modified as a high-speed web browser for both Android and iOS devices. However, the browser does not offer as many features as other browsers in the store. This is because it is a highly secure browser that does not keep our data rather erases them as soon as we leave the site.

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What is Firefox Focus for PC

Firefox Focus is a free browser and offers unhindered access and high security to its users. It gained over a million users just after its launch. It is also available in 27 languages. ‘Firefox Klar’ which is an upgraded version of Firefox Focus was launched for German citizens in the German language.

Set Firefox Focus as your default web browser on your PC to get maximum protection and surf the websites without leaving a track for trackers, advertisers, and hackers, e.t.c. In this article, we will guide you on how to download Firefox Focus for PC as well as some of its key features.

It is a highly essential browser for people who wish to have their data protected from fraudulent sites, hackers, e.t.c. All the while it also offers high speed and various other features as highlighted below.


  • Firefox Focus is entirely free and does not contain any in-app purchases.
  • Ads have no room on this browser. It blocks all advertising sites, stopping them from following and interfering while we browse.
  • The browser blocks all types of online trackers. Be it Ad trackers, content trackers or social trackers. Click on the ‘shield icon’ right next to the URL bar and it will display a list of trackers blocked by your browser.
  • You can also add extensions of Firefox Focus on other browsers.
  • Increase the browsing speed. Once all the interrupters are blocked, the speed of the browser increases.
  • High protection of your data is also provided by the browser. From the time you launch the browser to when you close it, all data (history, passwords, e.t.c) is immediately erased and the browser becomes as clean as a newly launched browser.
  • Users can also share tabs with other devices.
  • Instant searching through the smart search suggestions and gain quick access to your most visited sites.

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firefox focus for pc

How to Download Firefox Focus for PC

Let’s proceed to our guide on how to download Firefox Focus for PC. The first step is to download an Android Emulator. The google play store can be accessed on our PC through an Android emulator. There are several emulators present in the store but we recommend you download BlueStacks Android Emulator. It has a very simple download process and is quite user-friendly.

If you want to download an alternative to BlueStacks, look for the NoxPlayer Android Emulator.

How to download BlueStacks Android Emulator

To directly download BlueStacks, go to this link and click on the ‘download now’ bar. The emulator’s raw file will start downloading automatically. Once download, proceed to install the BlueStacks.

Installing BlueStacks

An installation guide may pop on your screen. Click on the ‘install now’ bar and the emulator will automatically start installing. Sometimes after the raw file is downloaded, the emulator starts installing itself. The installation process may take a few minutes because the file is a bit heavy.

Error During Installation Process

In case an error occurs, the BlueStacks will notify you of the reason. Usually, it occurs due to a lack of storage. Clear some space and the installation process will automatically continue. If you use antivirus software on your PC. Then the software is more likely to interrupt the installation process due to protection issues. Disable the software to prevent errors.

Configuration of BlueStacks

Now that the BlueStacks is installed, you can set up the emulator. Once you open the BlueStacks it will lead you to the google play store. To configure it, sign in with your Gmail account and gain access too it on the PC.

Finally, now you are ready to use BlueStacks and the google play store on your PC to download your favorite applications.

Downloading Firefox Focus for PC

Get Firefox Focus for your PC by downloading it through BlueStacks. Either use the APK method or download directly through the play store by accessing it through BlueStacks.

Google Play Store

When the application is already available on the play store, you won’t have to use the APK method. Search Firefox Focus on the search bar of Bluestacks and it will navigate you to the google play store. Download and install your application from there.


Download through the APK file if you don’t find the application on the play store. Go to google and download Firefox Focus APK. On the top left folder of BlueStacks, click the download APK file and the application will start installing automatically.

Once installed, an icon of your application will appear on the desktop main screen and the BlueStacks home page. Click and use it.