Voloco for PC is a highly reliable voice-processing application. The app blends and merges automatic stunning, harmony and vocoding to create the perfect beats in real-time. Now, whenever you come up with cool beats, you can create, play and test them on Voloco.  Not only that, but you can also pick soundtracks or different background music from your song list or you can use the Voloco beat library which is totally free.

Once you pick your sound, you can sing or rap along while the Voloco app will figure the key of the track and automatically tune your voice to that key. Furthermore, you can also install Voloco for PC, Mac and Windows other than your Android or iOS devices. However, you will require a third-party for this process. Our download guide will help you through the extremely easy process.

Voloco For PC


  • Free Beat Library: You can choose music from your collection to sing along to. But you can also pick beats from the free beat library offered by Voloco.
  • Top Tracks: You can check some of the top tracks created with Voloco by other users.
  • Export: You can also export your creation on another up for further editing.
  • Easy To Share: Record your performances and edits and easily share them on other apps. You can also tag Voloco on your edits for them to share after.
  • PRESETS: The Voloco app comes with dozens of presets. It offers about 8 packs of vocal effects presets. You can check them down below.
    1. Starter Pack: For beginners, this one is an easy starter preset pack offering two sets of auto vocal tune. A rich harmony preset providing with a monster vocoder and noise reduction feature.
    2. Modern Rap 1: This preset allows you to add stereo width, thickness and heft to your vocals.
    3. modern Rap 2: Extensive harmonies and effects that are excellent for ad-libs.
    4. P-Tain: This preset is perfect for RnB and Rap offering extreme pitch correction plus seventh chord.
    5. Bon Hiver: Rich harmonies and auto vocal tune in the style of Bon Iver’s song “Woods.”
    6. 8 Bit Chip: Bleeps and boops like your favourite games from the ’80s.
    7. Duft Pank: A preset offering a funky vocoder which sounds similar to a certain French electronic duo.
    8. Sitar Hero: A preset inspired by Indian classical music.

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How to Download and Install Voloco for PC, Mac and Windows

As we said before, we will be required to install Voloco through third-party software i.e an Android Emulator. This is because Voloco is an Android application which can only be installed from the google play store. Since we can not directly use the play store on our computer or laptop, we will use the Android emulator to gain that direct access. Other than that, if you have Voloco APK file downloaded, then you can use the file to install the app through the Android emulator as well.

There are quite a lot of emulators available in the store right now. However, we always recommend BlueStacks for our readers as it is a high-quality powerful emulator. Make sure you have enough storage on your PC, Mac and Windows because BlueStacks is a heavy emulator. Now let’s proceed to the installation process.

BlueStacks Alternatives

  • NoxPlayer
  • MEmu
  • KOPlayer

Using BlueStacks to Install Voloco for PC 

Firstly, we will install the BlueStacks Android Emulator. Click on the button below and you will be automatically navigated to the BlueStacks guide. Follow the simple steps and install the emulator.

Now that you have the emulator installed on your desktop and Windows, follow the guide below to install Voloco through the emulator.

  • Launch the emulator installed on your PC.
  • locate the search bar on the BlueStacks homepage.
  • Search for the Voloco app there.
  • Once searched, you will be automatically navigated to the google play store list of apps related to your search result.


  • Click on the google play store extension (you will see it on the emulator homepage).
  • Following, search for the app on the play store search bar.
  • Next, select Voloco from the list.
  • Click on install to finish the installation of Voloco.
  • Now, wait till the app installs.
  • Once downloaded, launch the installed application on your PC, Windows and Mac OS.
  • Lastly, enjoy creating new music on a bigger screen.

Voloco for PC

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