Easyviewerlite is a very authentic and highly dependable security camera system. If you wish to spend a secure and safe livelihood, this surveillance camera application is by far the best for you in-store.  Easyviewerlite was developed by Overseas. It is available for all devices. The application offers a variety of functions that enhances its performance and functioning. You can also download it on your PC. Read the instructions below on how to download Easyviewerlite for PC.


  • This application is free of cost. You only have to purchase the cameras.
  • Stream high-quality HD videos with the Easyviewerlite app on your device anywhere and whenever.
  • The application saves all data in the Cloud. Hence a Cloud account is required.
  • Users can set alarms in advance and the camera will operate automatically when the alarm sets on.
  • The app sends alert notifications on the detection of movements and sound.
  • You can also take pictures and screenshots during the live videos.
  • You can also save some previous videos or images in favorites. The favorites bar will be on the main home page which means you can access them easily.
  • You can also record yourself and listen to the audio through the application’s microphones and speaker.
  • You can also view and add multiple cameras at a time.
  • Users can also add multiple device managers at a time.
  • The application promises safety and privacy from suspicious activities.

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easyviewerlite for pc

How to Download Easyviewerlite for PC

Even though the application is available on all devices but it functions way better on PC. To download Easyviewerlite for PC, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download an Android Emulator on PC

  1. For downloading an application on your PC from the google play store, an android emulator is necessary.
  2. The emulator we recommend is BlueStacks.
  3. To download BlueStacks on your PC, either you use the link or download it directly through its official website. Click on the download bar and it will start downloading immediately.

Link: BlueStacks
Website: BlueStacks official Website

Step 2: Installing the Android Emulator

  1. Once the raw file is downloaded, you will find the run bar at the very bottom of the screen.
  2. Click and run the file, the emulator will start installing itself.
  3. If it does not install itself, click the install bar and it will start installing.

Step 3: Error During Installation

  1. Prevent an error from interrupting the installation process.
  2. Disable the antivirus software so it doesn’t interfere in the process.
  3. Free some storage so the process does not slow down.

Step 4: Configuration of the Emulator

  1. After installation, BlueStacks is ready to be used on your PC.
  2. Open it and it will navigate you to the google play store.
  3. Over there you will be required to sign in with your Gmail address.
  4. You can also watch the start-up tutorials for understanding the BlueStacks better.

Step 5: Installing the Application on PC

Now that the BlueStacks is configured, you can install the applications. There are two ways by which you can install an application on your PC through BlueStacks.

  • Through APK: If the application is not available on the google play store. You can use the APK method. Download the Easyviewerlite APK from google. Then locate the APK on BlueStack’s main page on the top left bar. Click on it and the APK will start downloading itself.
  • Through BlueStacks: If you are downloading directly through the emulator. Type the application name in the search bar. The emulator will lead you to the google play store. From there you can install the application.

Step 6: Locating the Application

  1. You can find the application on the BlueStacks main page.
  2. You can also find the application on the desktop main screen.


Q. Is a Cloud account required for this application?

A. Yes, the Easyviewerlite application saves all the data in the Cloud. Hence, yes it is required.

Q. Can we take screenshots during the live stream?

A. Yes, we can take pictures and screenshots during the live stream.

Q. Can you listen to the audio of the live stream in the Easyviewerlite application?

A. Yes, you can listen to the audio through the speakers. You can also record yourself using the microphone.

Q. Can the Easyviewerlite app be downloaded on PC?

A. Yes, you can use the BlueStacks emulator to download the application on your PC from the google play store.