Are you multilingual who wants to learn another language or do you wish to be one? Buckle up because we are going to tell you all about Duolingo for PC, where you can learn any language for free! From French to Arabic to German, Duolingo teaches you the language of your choice through their website and mobile app. The app provides 31 different languages with short online lessons to its users. A user can add the maximum amount of languages to learn at the same time without restrictions. Although the app is free, you can also get the premium package (Duolingo Plus) for free to support free education and enjoy ads-free learning.

Duolingo for PC – Features

Duolingo comprises of a ton of features, as highlighted below.

Levels and Checkpoint

Once you choose the language of your choice, a scheme of different levels will be given to you. The first few levels will provide you with basic lessons from alphabets to basic grammar, shown as cracked Easter eggs. Every Easter egg has about 5 levels each with the number of lessons increasing with difficulty. As you complete the basic levels you will reach a checkpoint where you will start learning different topics like names of different objects, countries, phrases, descriptions, etc. After every checkpoint, you will get your language trophy, which means you achieved your target of learning a language.

Practice and Review

Once you are done with a level you can practice the lessons again and gain more hearts. Practicing a lesson will also strengthen your grip on the new knowledge you gained.


At the top of your level tree, you will see 5 hearts, Each heart vanishes on every mistake forcing you to practice the lesson before moving on to the next level. You can refill your hearts by practicing or buying them with jewels. However, Duolingo Plus provides you with unlimited hearts!


At the completion of every level or lesson, you are rewarded with a chest of jewels. You can use these jewels to buy stuff from the Duolingo shop. If you leave a lesson uncompleted you won’t be rewarded with a chest box.

How it works

Every lesson comprises of different teaching skills. You will be required to complete blanks, record an answer, or listen to duo guiding you with correct pronunciation, you may even be given a picture to choose. Duo speaks to you, guides you, tests you and makes you answer to Duo too. There are several different skills, the difficulty of which increases as you move along. If you want to skip a checkpoint you can also complete the challenge to jump to the next checkpoint.

Digital Grading

while completing a lesson, every mistake you make is fixed and graded right there and then so you can learn them as you move along.

The Guide

Usually, you may see a yellow bulb on every level bar. This bulb will give you an overview and explain your basic grammar using animated objects and people. Check the bulb out if you are having trouble understanding a lesson.

The Key

If you think you are smart enough to skip a level you can tap on the key. It’s not that easy to jump a level because you will have to pass a test to do so. But Duo also won’t make it easy for you, so choose wisely! because you will have to use your gems to take the test.


On your profile page, you will see an achievements log. If you complete those achievements you will be rewarded with gems and trophies.


Your friend list may include people you invite and fellow learners you follow to achieve a medal in the achievements log. You can get one week free on Duolingo Plus on every friend that joins because of you.


You can compete against players in a weekly leaderboard to pass different leagues based on your XP score. Only the top 20 moves to the next league. you will have to gain a lot of XP to remain in the top 20s.

XP score

XP score is calculated by the hours or minutes you spend on Duolingo. Once in a while, you get a free XP boost from the Duo shop.


If you aim to remain a regular learner on duo you won’t have to worry about your streaks. But if you are a lazy bug, don’t worry! You can freeze your streak using the streak freeze. You will have to buy the streak freeze using jewels from the streak freeze.


You can use your gems to buy different updates or double your gem wager for several days. You can also customize your mascot by buying it different outfits.

Duolingo Mascot

Fun fact! The Duolingo Mascot is a cutesy green owl who turned into a hilarious meme because he seemed to threaten the users when they missed their lessons. Duolingo also released ‘Duolingo Push’ that is all about the Duolingo Mascot you follows you around until you finally return to the app to complete your lesson.

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Although Duolingo is a fun and exciting learning app. It’s still criticized for its lack of effectiveness. Through Duolingo, you can only learn the basics of a language but as long as you are practicing oral communication you will do fine. Duolingo alone will not help you master a language!

How to Download Duolingo for PC

Even though we have the Duolingo app for mobile phones, you can also Download Duolingo on PC. For that, you may follow the instructions below.

Downloading an Android Emulator on Your PC

Firstly, you will have to download the BlueStacks Android Emulator file from the given link or you can download it from the BlueStacks Official Website.

Link – BlueStacks

Website – BlueStacks Official Website

Installing BlueStacks on Computer

Once you’re done with downloading the emulator’s raw file, you can easily install the emulator on your computer. Run the downloaded file to start the installation process. An instruction will pop on your screen that will guide you to the installation process. Be patient while it downloads! It takes time to extract files.

Error During Installation

If the installation process is getting interrupted then make sure if you are using antivirus software, its system is disabled. Another reason may be due to a lack of space. Free some space or disable the antivirus software, then you are good to go.

Configuring the Installed Emulator

After the installation of the emulator. It will open by itself, If it does not then you can open it yourself. For better understanding, you can look for the start-up tutorials. Once you are done with the tutorials, the emulator will navigate you to google play store. There, you’re required to add your Gmail account.

Installing Duolingo on PC

Now that the BlueStacks is configured, it is ready to be used on windows. All you need to do is go to the main screen and type the app name in the search bar and it will appear. Install and download it.

Locate the App

After its done installing and downloading, you can find it on the BlueStack main page and your desktop page.