Do you want to record your screen but you cannot find a high-quality screen recording application? Or if you are someone who loves connecting with different people from around the globe but not sure how? We recommend you download Du Recorder for PC which is the finest and highly advanced screen recording and live streaming application. With this application, you can record games, videos, live chats, e.t.c in HD quality. You can also video call and live stream to connect with people using this application!


Du Recorder has an easy-to-use interface providing online users with simple and manageable features to make use of. You can screen record, live stream, edit videos and share using this application. The application is free of any in-app purchases. Users can use this app anywhere and anytime because it does not require any sort of wifi or network connection, you will only need it for sharing your videos on other social media platforms and live streaming. This application was launched by My Movie Inc. You can also download Du Recorder for PC. For the instructions, continue reading.

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Features and Functioning

Du Recorder offers its users super cool features. Once you go through the features, we bet you won’t think about downloading different applications for every single function this app provides.

Record with Just One Tap

The main feature of this application is screen recording. Once you download the app, you will find an icon on the side of your screen. To record your videos and games in HD quality, all you have to do is press on the icon. A few options will pop, press on the recording icon and your screen will start recording. The best part of screen recording through this application is that you can also record yourself while recording the screen. Thus, you can share a screen recorded video while also sharing your reviews on screen. This feature is the best for gamers or YouTubers.

Quality Setting

Set the quality of your screen recorded videos using the advanced functions in the setting bar. You can fix the HD quality, resolution, FPS, add a watermark, add countdown, add video location, e.t.c.

Live Streaming

Connect with the world using the live stream function. Press the icon on your screen and choose the live streaming option. You can also connect with other people already live streaming. You can comment on their videos and send emojis too. You can share your live stream on different social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, e.t.c.

Video Editing and Image Editing

You can also edit videos and imagines using this application. Trim, add music and combine your videos. Edit and crop your images enhancing their quality. You can also take screenshots during the live stream, the screen recording, and editing.

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Du Recorder for PC

How to Download Du Recorder for PC

Du recorder is available for all devices on the app store but you can also download it on your PC. But first, you will have to download an Android Emulator which is a third party that will lead the process and helps you gain access to the google play store. To download Du Recorder for PC, go through the steps below.

Du Recorder for PC


The Android Emulator we suggest is BlueStacks. Through this emulator, you can directly gain access to google play store on your PC and download your favorite application. To download BlueStacks either follow the link or you can also download it directly from BlueStacks Official Website. Once the download page opens, you will see a download bar. Press the bar and the application will start downloading itself.


Now that the raw file is downloaded, you can run this file and proceed to the installation process. The BlueStacks will either start installing itself or you can install it by clicking on the install bar, this will appear on the instruction guide that may pop up on your screen.


An error may interfere with the installation process. To prevent it, free some space on your PC because the file is a bit heavy. This will not only stop the error from occurring but will also speed up the installation process. Also, make sure you disable the antivirus software so it does not interrupt the installation process.


Now that BlueStacks is installed, the emulator will either open by itself or you can open it yourself. The emulator will guide you to the google play store. Sign in with your Gmail account to use the play store on your PC.


After the BlueStacks is installed and configured, you can finally download DU Recorder on your PC. Type Du Recorder on the search bar on the main page of BlueStacks. It will lead you to the play store where a list will appear on your screen. Choose the application from the list and download it for your PC.


Once the DU Recorder is downloaded, you can locate it on your PC. You can find it on the BlueStacks main page or the desktop main screen.