Do you want any software which can convert your WhatsApp data into a secret code that can be easily decoded later? If yes then we have good news for you. We came across a software that can easily convert your WhatsApp .crpyt 5-12 files to an encrypted .crypt legacy file. Hence, for your convenience, we have discussed that software in detail in this article and will guide you on how by following simple steps you can get it on for PCs. Omni-Crypt for PC is that application that is mainly built to encode WhatsApp data for you people. To know further information about this application read the below article carefully.

Omni-Crypt for PC

Omni-Crypt is a free application for android users that enables you to change the WhatsApp .crpyt 5-12 files to an encrypted .crypt legacy file. In another term, it simply means encoding the WhatsApp information into a secret code that can only be decoded later using this app. This program also provides an advanced legacy SMS Backup+ and can be utilized as a stand-alone encryption / re-encryption tool for.crypt5-12.

This free downloadable app also operates as a task in the background, without harming your device’s performance. This makes you use a progress bar that is shown on-screen to take charge of massive databases. Omni-Crypt online locks the device orientation while encrypting files to prevent interference. This software is also classified under the System utility category and a system maintenance subcategory by EliteAndroidApps. It literally encrypts data to keep them away from hacker’s creeping hands.

Main Features of Omni-Crypt App

Here are some features of the Omni Crypt application.

  • Fully supports the manual decrypt and encrypts function
  • Maintains SMS Backup + integration
  • Works perfectly as a background task
  • Turn off screen orientation to avoid any kind of interference while encrypting or decrypting process
  • Analyses your backup file after every 15 minutes
  • Manages huge databases
  • Provides super lightweight background service with less impact of battery life
  • Maintains backup files which are present in msgstore-YYY-MM-DD-N format and more

Download Omni Crypt for Free

Privacy is a major problem while using applications like WhatsApp in today’s world. Many people want to encrypt their data to secure their personal conversations on WhatsApp or other online activities from data miners. Omni Crypt is known as a perfect solution for this. For downloading it for free follow the below information.

1. Download Bluestacks

  • Firstly, all you have to do is to Download Bluestacks on your PCs using this link. It will automatically identify your Operating System and begin downloading.

2. Install Bluestacks on PCs

  • After the completion of the downloading process click on the file you downloaded in order to install Bluestacks Android Emulator on PC.
  • Now you will get a setup wizard. By following a few instructions, the installation process will be completed within few minutes.
  • You will get the Bluestacks icon on your computer desktop to launch the Emulator.

3. Search and Download Omni-Crypt

  • Open Bluestacks Emulator, search for Omni-Crypt and download it on your PCs.
  • Find the Omni-Crypt app from Download Manager and click on it to start the installation process. This will some time to fully install Omni-Crypt on your PCs.
  • After completion of the installation process, click on the Omni-Crypt application and start using it.

I hope this article is useful for you and has clear all your confusions related to Omni-crypt application installation process. if you still find any kind of difficulty then you do tell us in the comment section below.

How To Install Omni Crypt On PC With Bluestacks Through APK File

As we explained before, you can download and install Omni Crypt on Windows using Bluestacks Android Emulator. Now you will learn about installing Omni Crypt through an APK file. Follow the steps below:

  • At very first, download Omni Crypt APK File from here.
  • Now as you did before, download and install Bluestacks Android Emulator on your PC/ Windows.
  • When downloading is complete, open the file from your download folder where you choose download path.
  • Now click on the install button and follow on-screen instructions.
    Once the package extracts all files login Bluestacks with your existing Google account or signs up for a new one.
  • Agree with terms and conditions as you don’t have another option to proceed.
  • Now Bluestacks in Configured and ready to use, open it and on home page right side header corner you can see a Setting gear button, click on it.
  • ┬áNow you can see a new option “Upload apk file” Click on it and choose the downloaded Omni Crypt APK file.
  • When uploads complete, go back to the main menu in Bluestacks Omni Crypt for PC is ready to install.
  • You can also locate the app on your system desktop.