Critical Ops for PC is a first-person shooting game, widely loved among gamers from around the globe. In this game, the player experiences the action through the eyes of the main character. Players have to defend the people from various enemies. The game is mainly designed for combat skills i.e the player has to defend himself using a variety of guns and other types of weapons like grenades, e.t.c. A player is required to have speed and tactical skills along with hand and eye coordination skills for action-packed combat.

You can also download Critical Ops for PC, Mac, and Windows. We will discuss the download guide below. But before that, let’s understand the Gameplay.

Critical Ops for PC – Gameplay

Critical Ops is an objective-based game which requires skill and strategy. It is extremely competitive thus download by almost 1 million games from around the globe. It was offered by Critical Forces Ltd. and is supported by both Android and iOS devices. Look below for game features.

1. Multiplayer Mode

Players can connect with their friends and have PvP competitive combat or you can also ask them to join your clan. You can play private games with them like team deathmatch, challenges and much more. Players can also customize and upgrade their weapon’s skin to show them off while battling along with their friends.


2. Ranking Mode

Users can play online with other players and get ranked in the leader boards. Win challenges and organized tournaments to get gain a position on the top of the scoreboard. On completing the challenges you can win rewards, medals and unlock achievements. Get high rankings and share them with others.


3. Customize Your Weapon

Complete missions with a high score and get new skins for your weapons. Moreover, you can also unlock new weapons to use like knives, bombs/grenades, a pistol. crossbow or a machine gun. there is plenty of different weapons you can choose from.


4. Main Game Modes

There are two game modes from which you can choose. You can either choose from Quick games or Custom games. The quick games pick random missions for you i.e it may put you with a random team in a random place. However, you can choose the mission type. Whereas, in custom games, you can choose whichever maps you want and however the many players you want. The ranking system won’t work with custom games. Quick games offer more options and rewards because they are played on the hardcore level.


How to Download Critical Ops for PC, Mac & Windows

Critical Ops can also be played on the PC, Mac, and Windows to increase a smooth gaming experience. Since Critical Ops is an Android game, you will have to download an Android Emulator first. The emulator helps with downloading Android applications directly from the google play store on our PC. We will recommend you download the best emulator for gaming and installing apps i.e BlueStacks Android Emulator.

It is quite easy to download both the emulator and the app for your PC. Just follow the simple download guide given below.

⇒ Installing Critical Ops using BlueStacks

1.  BlueStacks Download: Click on the download bar and it will lead you to a guide. Use this guide to download and install BlueStacks.


2. Installing Critical Ops: Once the emulator is successfully downloaded, you can use it to install your app. Launch the emulator on your PC and search for Critical Ops on the search bar. It will take you to the google play store from where you can choose the app and install it. You can also directly open the play store by clicking on its extension which you will find on the emulator’s home page. Search and install the app. Next, locate the app on the BlueStacks home page and the desktop main screen. Double-click on the app icon to play the game.

⇒ Installing Critical Ops Using APK

You can also use the APK method to download applications. This is mostly helpful when certain applications are no more available on the google play store. All you have to do is download the Critical Ops APK from the Google search engine. You can download the file from any appropriate website. After that, locate the APK file on the BlueStacks home page. You will find it on the APK installer folder. Click on the Critical Ops APK and the game will install automatically.

⇒ Installing Critical Ops using NoxPlayer

NoxPlayer is also an Android Emulator, an alternative to BlueStacks. Its interface and downloading method are almost as similar to as that of BlueStacks. Click on the Nox button to download NoxPlayer from its official website. Next, you can use either the emulator’s search bar or go directly to the google play store by clicking on its extension. Choose the app from the list and install it. Double click on the Critical Ops icon and enjoy playing the game.