Baboom for PC is a worldwide application for music makers and lovers. This app connects artists with their listeners and vice versa. It consists of an unlimited collection of songs of all genres. The application offers high-quality streaming and instant downloading at one click. It is also very easy to use as every feature can be selected at a glance.

Baboom for PC – Features

Baboom offers high quality and easy-to-access features. The main features are given below.


On Baboom, users can explore their favorite artists on the explore page. This way they can keep up with their new music. On the explore page, users can also find new emerging artists and enjoy different genres of music from these artists.

Personal Collection

You can create your own personal collection on the Baboom app. Pick your favorite songs from any artist and create your playlist/collection. This way you can easily access your preferred music anywhere and anytime.

Comments and Likes

Users can give their honest reviews in the comments below the playing song. If they love it, they can like it by tapping on the heart.


How can you listen to good music and not share it with your friends!? Share your playlists or a separate song with your friends on any social media application.

AD Free

Baboom is highly enjoyed because it is an ad-free app unlike many out there. So users can make the most of it.

Discover and Follow

Discover new artists from the explore page and follow them to stay up to date with every new release. Users can unfollow artists whenever they want.

New Music and All Genres

Different Baboom artists release new and hot music every day from different genres. How cool!?

Hashtag Selection

Users can also add different hashtags. They can also select hashtags from the selection bar.

Good Quality and Offline Music

Listen to good quality music without interference. You can also access your playlist offline anywhere and at any time without any restrictions.

Free of In-App Purchases

The Baboom application is free of any sort of in-app purchases unlike many music applications out there. Hence, this app is widely enjoyed by many people all around the world.

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How to Download Baboom for PC

Although the Baboom app is available for mobile phones, many people also prefer using it on their PC. If you want this app on your PC too, then follow the instructions below.

Installation of Android Emulator

  • If you want to download an application from the google store on your PC, you will be required to download an Android Emulator on your PC. We suggest you install the BlueStacks emulator, it’s the best emulator in the market. You can install it through the Link. You can also install it from the BlueStacks Official Website.
  • Once the emulator’s raw file is downloaded, you can now install the BlueStacks. To do so, run the downloaded file and you will be guided to the installation process automatically.
  • Free some storage and disable the antivirus software if you use any in case an error occurs.


  • After installation of the emulator, it can be now used on your PC. The emulator will open itself and lead you to the google play store. There you will be required to sign in with your Gmail address.
  • You can go through the start-up tutorials for understanding the software better.
  • You can also choose the language of your choice

Installing Baboom for PC

  • Now that the BlueStacks is installed, you can download any application from the google play store on your PC.
  •  For downloading the Baboom app, you will have to download the Baboom APK. This is required because the Baboom app is no longer available on the play store.
  • Through APK you can easily download the application through BlueStacks.
  • Once the APK is downloaded, it will automatically install itself on BlueStacks and the application will download.

Locating the Downloaded Application

  • You can find the installed application on the main page of BlueStacks.
  • You can also find it on the desktop main page.