If you’re someone who loves to play around with editing and polishing their photos, Adobe Photoshop Express for PC is the right app for you. It’s super simple, easy and amazingly diverse. Adobe expresses is free but for full functionality, you might be required to make a Creative Cloud account that costs up to 9.99$ a month. But the free effects are almost more than enough. This editing app is available on Android, iOS, and Tablets.

Adobe Photoshop Express for PC – working

Adobe Photoshop Express provides its users with a variety of effects to enhance and edit their photos.


First up you will see a variety of filters. There are about 8 filters in total. Each filter further consists of a diverse collection of colorful as well as black-white filters. Among these filters, the Splash effect is highly used for its cool dramatic effects.

Beta Filters

Beta filters are like bonus filters. They are a total of 7 beta filters, each consisting of a variety of other filters. Their Cosmos effect is the most popular.

Editing and Fixing Tools

Next up you will have the editing and fixing tools. There you can crop, rotate and transform your images. The Aspect Ratio options allow you to crop your picture in different ways, even according to your device or an app cover photo/profile photo.

Enhancing Tools

Users are also provided with tools to enhance their photos using 4 simply amazing tools. You can form unique looks and adjustments using blend effects, creative textures, overlays, dehaze, split tone, color tints and reduce luminance noise and turn your dark and grainy photos into bright and aesthetic ones. You can also remove blemishes or correct red-eye with just a tap, for a picture-perfect look.

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Texts And Stickers

Users can apply texts to create memes and captions in different styles, fonts, color, and alignment. You can also paste stickers from the sticker book.

Frames and Collages

There are a variety of basic frames and edges to complete your photos. You can also make collages using the collage option where you can add multiple photos and the app will provide you with the perfect collage fitting your choice of pictures perfectly.


Overall Adobe Photoshop Express is the best app for an editing freak with amazing filters and options to polish one’s photos. You can also connect to Creative Cloud and share your creations there. But an account on Creative Cloud will set you back a bit.


How to Download Adobe Photoshop Express for PC

The Adobe App is available on Mobile phones only but we can also download it on our PC. In order to download Adobe Photoshop Express for PC, follow the instructions below.

Downloading an Android Emulator on PC

Firstly you will have to download the BlueStack Android Emulator file from the given link. You can also download it directly from the BlueStack Official Website.

Link – Download BlueStacks here

Website – BlueStacks Official Website

Installing BlueStacks on Computer

Once the emulator’s raw file is downloaded, you can install the emulator on your computer. You will have to run the downloaded file to start the installation process. Then you will be instructed to the installation process. Be patient, it takes time to extract files.

Error During Installation

If the installation process is getting interrupted, You may have to disable the antivirus software, if you are using any. It may also be due to a lack of space. Once taken care of, you are good to go.

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Configuring the Installed Emulator

After the installation of the emulator. It will open by itself, If it does not then you can open it yourself. For better understanding, you may want to look for the start-up tutorials. Once done with the tutorials, the emulator will navigate you to google play store. There, you’re required to add your Gmail account. Now that the BlueStacks is configured, you can use it on windows

Downloading Adobe Photoshop Express APK

If Adobe Photoshop Express is not available on BlueStacks, we can download Adobe Photoshop Express APK from google.

Installing Adobe Photoshop Express APK on BlueStack

Search for the Adobe Photoshop Express APK on google. The APK will install itself on BlueStacks. Once the app is done installing, it is ready to be used on the PC.

However, if the application is already available on the google play store, you can directly download it from the google play store through BlueStacks.

Locate the App

Now that the app is downloaded, you can find it on the BlueStack main page and on your desktop page.

Microsoft Store (Windows 10)

you can also find the app on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10.